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Aromatherapy    Artisan Soaps    Personal Care Sundries

Melinda Wolff-Foster is a practicing certified aromatherapist through the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy, an award winning cold process soap artisan, a holistic pet care expert, an educator and speaker, and a holistic pet care facility owner.  She has been working in the pet care industry since 1995 when she began as a veterinary nurse.  In 2005 she moved on to own and operate her own pet care facility, The Pines Pet Pampering, specializing in holistic and rehabilitative grooming services as well as personalized boarding services.   Melinda has been featured on the television show "Natural Companions" with her segments providing holistic grooming tips for pet owners.  She also mentors and teaches apprenticeships for the Animal Behavior College.  

Melinda's interest in and subsequent studies of essential oils began as a result of her journey to recover from Chronic Lyme Disease.  After many years of unsuccessful mainstream treatments, Melinda finally went into remission as a result of holistic means. 

Even though she has several life lasting effects from her battle with Chronic Lyme, Melinda is grateful to be busy and able to live a full life again after being very ill for over a decade.

Melinda's Naturals was established in 2013 with the main focus on creating personal care products for people and their pets which feature luxury, sustainable, wholesome ingredients and essential oils.  In 2014 Melinda became a certified aromatherapist after completing arduous courses in human anatomy, physiology, taxonomy, chemistry, botany, and 

therapeutics, as well as completing 20 case studies.  She is currently studying for her Animal Aromatherapy Practitioner Certification.

When Melinda is not busy with pet care ventures she is busy speaking at conventions, teaching classes, or formulating and designing cold process soaps as well as other hand made products.  She has won several international soap design awards and is well recognized for her artistry.  Her company, Melinda's Naturals, provides custom blended essential oils, hand made soaps, personal care items, and pet care products. 

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